How Safe Is WhatsApp With Their Safety Measures?

To provide maximum privacy, WhatsApp provides many safety measures for users. WhatsApp is the most widely used texting app in the world. Let’s see what the safety measures are for the users.

WhatsApp, with its end-to-end encryption, makes sure that your personal messages will stay between you and who you send the messages to.

End-to-end encryption makes messages and calls stay between you and the receiver of the message. No one else can read or listen to them. Not even WhatsApp can read or listen to these messages.

WhatsApp promises, beyond the end-to-end encryption, additional layers of protection to all of your conversations. You will have the power to choose what you share, how you show up online, or who can talk to you.

On your phone, you can turn on the chat lock feature to protect your personal chats with a password. To read or send messages, you’ll need to unlock the chats using device authentication, such as your phone passcode, Face ID or fingerprint.

These locked chats will be kept separate from your other chats in a ‘Locked Chats’ folder. The notifications for the locked chats will appear as “WhatsApp: 1 new message”. In order to keep the media safe, you’ll have to turn the chat lock off to save the media to your phone gallery.

Disappearing messages are another safety feature included in WhatsApp. With disappearing messages, you can control which messages stick around and for how long. You can set up disappearing messages after you have sent them.

You can avoid spam and unknown contacts from calling you by turning on the Silence Unknown Callers option. With this option enabled, spam calls and calls from unknown calls will not be able to call you.

By customizing the last seen online, you can decide your privacy settings to choose who can see when you are online and when you last used WhatsApp.