About inverter battery guarantee warranty,

inverter battery guarantee warranty

Your companies have kept a lot of darkness about it inverter, this is a post about it, reading this post will open your eyes. First, when we take a new battery, it is written on top of it. There is a warranty of 24,36,48,60,72 months.

I am also putting a photo as written on top of this box. So suppose there is a 60-month warranty written on the box, then is our battery safe for 5 years or can we say that we have invested money once, if the battery is damaged, then we are not worried because if it is damaged for 5 years, then the company will give a new one.

inverter battery guarantee warranty

Inverter Battery guarantee to be taken Warranty

First of all, whenever you take a battery, ask the shopkeeper, brother, to tell us how much is the guarantee. Because we have nothing to do with the warranty. So the shopkeeper will tell you that brother, its guarantee is 30 months i.e. two and a half years and its warranty is 30 months, these together become 60 months.

Why is a warranty not required for Inverter Batey?

The customer is misled by simply writing a warranty that a warranty of 72 months means 6 years. If you write 6 years straight, the amount is small, and 72 is large, then the game is played with the mind of the customer. In the guarantee you get a new thing but in the warranty you get the same thing after repair, sometimes we have to pay some money with us.

Inverter Battery guarantee

What is the life of inverter battery?

I want to tell you that all the inverter batteries coming these days are of tubular technology, which are ranging in age from 5 years to 7 years. Your battery’s backup decreases within this time, only then you know that this battery is bad.

How do bad inverters convert into battery guarantees?

First of all, you will go to the shopkeeper from where you bought the battery, you will tell him that brother the backup of our battery has decreased, it has a warranty, replace it, then the shopkeeper will say that the battery is not replaced in this way. You will leave the battery in our workshop, and we will check it, if there is a problem with it, we will send it back to the company.

There the inverter battery will be checked, if the battery is damaged you will get a new one. Now why are the shopkeepers telling us this when the warranty of our inverter battery is still pending? It happens that whenever you go to a shopkeeper or take a battery to a mechanic, the first thing he sees is its acid gravity which should be from 1230 to 1250.

If it is more than 1230 or 1250, it will fix the gravity of the acid in the battery. If this is correct, then after that we will see that there are some tests of how much it is decreasing below 12 V without load, without load.

After that the shopkeeper will have a large charge, with which he will charge the battery continuously for at least 30 hours, after charging, he will put the load on it, if the mechanic has the battery discharged properly, then he himself will fix it and give it to you. It has also often been seen that such a problem also occurs due to the malfunctioning of the inverter.

If the shopkeeper also feels that there is a problem with the battery, then he will send the battery back to the company. It is not that you will still get a new battery. When the battery of the inverter goes to the company, the first thing the engineer present there looks at it very closely to see if there is any fault of the customer.

Due to which this battery has come back, what can be the fault of the customer in this? The term and position of the company is enough if we first look at the terms of the company, due to which the new battery will not be available in place of the damaged battery even within the guarantee period.

Company’s terms regarding the guarantee of Inverter Battery

  1. Has the inverter overcharged the battery?

2. Has it been overloaded somewhere?

3. Instead of an inverter, the battery was installed on top of the tractor.

4. Sometimes it happens that we do not see water inside it, due to which the battery dries up, this is also the reason for the cancellation of the guarantee.

5. After this, its terminals are broken or not.

6. Sometimes it happens that we start checking the current by connecting the terminal where the company does not change it even when it comes to knowing about the spark.

7. After this, the body of the battery is broken anywhere or not.

8. If no water has entered it due to floods.

9. It was not affected by the fire, it was not run in extreme heat.

10. Didn’t you hit you with a hammer somewhere?

The company sees everything because they think that if we keep changing the battery like this then the company will go into complete loss and fail. Since the cost of a battery is around 14 thousand for the customer, then the company can lose 10000 directly behind a battery. So it is up to the company to return the same battery in some way or the other.

So even if everything is right according to the term and conditions { terms } the company charges and discharges again and again. If the battery runs properly, you will get the same battery, otherwise, what will happen will the company have to give a new battery.

After this, many companies do this, If your inverter battery bell has 6 months left, you are given a battery that will last for a maximum of 1 year. Because the company also keeps a battery that looks new to you but the plate etc. inside it is not so good.

I try to pay attention to the 10 things I told you above, do not make this mistake, if a defect the company feels is due to the customer, then all your money will be recovered again.

Also, understand the warranty of Inverter Battery

Now let’s talk about the warranty. Now that we’ve learned a little bit about guarantees, what is a warranty?

The total warranty of your inverter battery was 60 months, with a guarantee of 30, during which you have to get a new battery if it is damaged. But in these 30 months, your battery went right after that, after 30 months, if there is a problem with the battery, the battery will go to the company, there he will see how many months have passed above these 30 months.

This is done by applying the formula of Pro Rata. Where I’m posting a side photo, here they put data that if your battery lasts for 40 months, you will have to pay so much for a new battery. If your battery has been running for 50 months, then you will have to pay so much money for a new battery, if your battery has lasted for 55 months, then you will have to pay so much money.

The warranty on the box is done to lure the customer, there is no benefit to the customer. Whenever you buy a new inverter battery, just ask for a guarantee. For more information in the same simple language, you should read our other posts and share them on your Facebook and WhatsApp.

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