6 Best Induction Cooktops stove In India 2023

Induction Cooktops


Induction Cooktops Most people understand that an induction cooker has a heating element attached to it. But it is not like that at all, induction cooktop comes with magnetic induction properties. With inducting, your utensil will heat very quickly and it will also be very hot.





In cheap and budget category induction cooktops, you will get either ceramic or tempered glass tops, which can spoil very quickly, avoid using induction cooktops on high heating or high power and buy a good induction cooktop.



Inside any induction cooktop, you will get to see variable power labels, as if you have taken a 2000-watt induction cooktop, inside it you will get power levels ranging from 150 to 2000 watts. It is very common to fall while cooking. Still, if food falls or any liquid drops on your induction cooktop, then you should clean it as soon as possible so that the food or liquid in the gap between the glass and the control panel Failure to do so may damage the PCB inside and completely ruin your induction cooktop.



There are also air vents inside the induction cooktop, which throw out the heat inside. That’s why it is very important for you to keep them clean always and give proper space to your induction cooktop so that it does not face any problems in air ventilation.



You can use all types of utensils on an induction cooktop, in which iron or stainless steel, you cannot use plastic and glass, it is a wonderful thing, but keep children away from it, it is equally dangerous. Is.



Induction can save you up to 25% if you completely replace LPG with it.



NO. 6 PRESTIGE Induction Cooktops PIC20.0+






First of all, at number 6, Prestige Induction Cooktop, inside it, you will find two-three different types of models, some 1400 watts, some 1600 watts, and from ₹ 1500 to ₹ 2000. Their build quality is not good enough to last even two to three years. My recommendation would be to stay away from those induction cooktops and go for some other model.



PRESTIGE Induction Cooktops buy link



NO.5 USHA cook joy 3616 Induction Cooktops



usha induction cooktops



Usha cook joy Induction Cooktop and comes with 1600-watt power, inside induction you will see glass cooktop material and it is an induction cooker coming with a push button start. One good feature you will get in this cooktop is that you will get to see voltage fluctuation control in this cooktop up to 1500 watts, that is, even if you increase the power of induction up to 1500, you will get to see voltage fluctuation control in it.



Auto switch off will be seen in induction and this means that if you do not keep any utensil above induction then induction will switch off automatically. In this you will get to see five preset menus and pan sensor technology is also used in it i.e. If you keep any utensil above the induction, the induction will automatically turn on after sensing it.



In this Induction Cooktop, you also get to see some safety features like overheat protection and a 10 amp plug in the induction wire. Its weight is 2.75 kg and USHA gives you a 1-year warranty on it, you will be able to buy at this time for ₹ 2000 and inside it you get very good features like pause and resume function and it is a good induction cooktop.



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NO.4 V-guard Induction Cooktops VIC 07






The induction cooktop comes at number four on my list, inside which you will get to see the power of 1600, on top of this cooktop you will get to see polypropylene material and inside it, you will also get the push-button start and it you will get tactile buttons with push button Star induction comes with auto switch off.



And inside it, you will get to see 6 preset menus and 8 power modes, and the best thing is that you will also get to see pause and resume functions. Weighs 2.5 kg. This Induction Cooktop is from V-guard and gives you a 1-year comprehensive warranty on it. The price is ₹ 2300 at this time and G Induction Cooktop comes with all types of features like pause and resume functions which is a very good feature.



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NO.3 Bajaj Majesty icx7 Induction Cooktops






Bajaj Majesty ICX comes with a power of 1900 watts. Inside Bajaj Majesty, you will get to see Glass Induction Cooktop material, and the push button start will also be seen, in this, you will get to see tactile switches and also comes with an auto stop feature. The even better thing is that inside it you get a delay start key, if you use an induction cooktop then you will be able to understand how good a feature delay start is. As with any induction cooktop, you will get 8 preset menus on the Bajaj top, and one more good thing, you will get a stainless steel kadai for free. 3. 7 kg is weight.



It’s yours and its build quality is very good. Bajaj gives you a comprehensive warranty of 1 year on this and you will be able to buy it at this time. In this induction cooker of ₹ 2800, you will get every feature that you need from a cooktop and with this induction, you will also get to see a steel pan for free.



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NO.2 PHILIPS VIVA Induction Cooktops





Number two comes in my list, inside Philips Viva, you will get to see the power of 2100. Inside the induction, you will find a microcrystal glass cooktop.



In this, you will get tactile buttons and their response is very good. You will also get to see the auto switch-off feature inside the Philips Induction Cooktop, and inside it you will also get to see the preset timer which is a very good feature. You can set the time free while cooking so that your dish will not spoil and will be hot at the same time as you need.



On top of this induction cooker, you will also see the option of an Indian menu. It is 2.8 kg in weight, this cooktop of Philips and Philips gives you a 1-year warranty on this induction, you will be able to buy induction at this time for ₹ 2850 and this is a good induction cooktop, it will last for a long time, I think whose build The quality is also excellent, all types of features are available in it.






Philips Viva Induction Cooktops Collection HD4938 NO.1



Philips-viva induction cooktops



Film Chahi Cooktop also comes on number one in my list but this is a different model and inside it you will get to see 2100 K power. Inside this Philips model, you will find glass cooktop material, not microcrystal glass Induction Cooktop like the previous Philips model, and in this, you will see touch controls, not textile switches.



In this also you will get to see an auto switch-off feature and it must be a good induction feature, inside this Philips induction you will get to see 10 preset menus and in this, you can set a free set timer for 24 hours. Another good thing is that it is ROHS-compliant certified.



This induction cooktop is made of environmental material, you will see inside it means that it will not get hot while talking while using induction and it will remain cool. Philips induction cooktop is 3kg weight in 4250 rupees and 1-year warranty comes with



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